An update on Real estate in Bangalore

Bangalore has been the fastest-growing city in India since the past few years. The major development driver which is in charge of intense real estate development in the city is a technological surge. Being the IT hub of India, Bangalore has a multi-cultural population with good sociable infrastructure, excellent educational facilities and constantly upgrading physical infrastructure. Currently, the most promising residential micro-markets are Outer Ring Road (ORR), Sarjapur Road, Whitefield and North Bangalore. The majority of Luxury apartments in Bangalore are coming up in and around these areas.


Major Housing Segment in Bangalore

Luxury Home:

Bangalore is the third-largest hub for High Net worth People (HNIs). It is believed to be home to 10, 000 individuals who are millionaires. Bangalore has a huge base of expatriates who live and work in the city. The residents are well travelled, classy and have a sophisticated lifestyle.


There is increased demand for high-end residential apartments in the city, particularly in the Central Business District (CBD), Secondary Business District (SBD), Whitefield, Real estate in Bangalore and Outer Ring sub-markets. It is expected that consumer demand for high-end home projects in these sub-markets to be steady over the short-run.


Mid-Income Housing:

This section is principally driven by individuals employed in the IT and ITES industry. The main driving factors for this segment are social facilities, proximity to workplaces, good physical infrastructure and gain access to medical and educational facilities.


Due to these reasons, micro-markets such as Whitefield, the ORR corridor, Electronic City and few areas in North Bangalore have witnessed a reliable demand from the mid-income segment.


Affordable Housing:

The need from this segment comes from extremely price hypersensitive buyers – therefore, affordable projects are developed in the suburbs as they areas offer large land packages at lower acquisition costs. Areas such as Mysore road, Hosur road, Kanakapura road etc. have observed high demand for this segment.


The affordable real estate concept has gained surface in Bangalore City, mainly due to a few graded developers like Purvankara, Brigade Group, Shriram Real estate, Golden Gate Properties, Ozone Group and Nitesh properties that are focusing their projects on customer of this section.

In most cases, the housing units are made affordable by reduced apartment sizes, compromising on few amenities and other USPs which were typically provided as differentiators to the competing projects in the micro-market/city.


Affordable housing has seen frequent demand on the outskirts of Bangalore, in all directions. Supply of large land packages at low cost points has encouraged these developments. Likewise, the planned Metro Track and Peripheral Ring Highway have increased the demand on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Hope, our readers will get an update on the current condition of Upcoming projects in bangalore.


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Creating More Energy Saving Apartments in Hyderabad

After demonetization, odds are dim that one’s favourite Luxury apartments in Hyderabad are in a green building. Hyderabad had never been the frontrunner when it came to having green buildings, yet today, in the post demonetization world it has fallen further behind other large cities when it comes to creating green buildings. Builders in Hyderabad, who were never as enthusiastic about creating green buildings in the city appear to be even less so post demonetization.

What’s Being Done

Innovative financing options from Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) may be one route that leads to more energy efficient buildings. The Indian Green Buildings Council has asked the ESCO’s to provide financing options which could lead to the creation of a larger number of green buildings in India. The thought of providing innovative financing options to create a larger number of green buildings was shared at a workshop held recently in Hyderabad. If successful, the outputs from the mentioned workshop could lead to more energy-efficient property in Hyderabad in some of the best buildings in the city. The workshop had been designed by the Small Industries Development Bank of India and IGBC.

Thoughts Shared at the workshop

At the workshop, the speaker C Shekar Reddy who has been the immediate past national president of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers of India CREDAI stressed the need for creating financing options for upcoming and existing building projects that would lead to more green upcoming projects in Hyderabad in Hyderabad. Mr Reddy stated that financing schemes through ESCO’s would play a central role is leading to the adoption and promotion of green buildings not just in Hyderabad but across the country.

How Important is it to Be Green?

The importance of green buildings is crucial as significant energy savings can be earned in India by creating such structures. This is all the more crucial when considering property in Hyderabad or elsewhere in the country as India is an energy importer and has a poor natural resource base from which it could extract energy. Energy savings from a project in Hyderabad could lead to cost savings as high as 20 to 30 percent every year. Such energy savings at a project in Hyderabad have already been recorded.

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Is Real estate in Bangalore lagging behind its counterpart Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has secured its place as the new place for investment for Bangalore’s Commercial property developers. Hyderabad has been on the revival mode after almost half decade of political turmoil. This recent development is driving Real Estate property in Bangalore towards Hyderabad. This may not be a good news for people of Bangalore however, developers are hoping to make good money out of it.


Organizations, for example, DivyaSree Developers, Salarpuria Sattva, Embassy and RMZ Corp have assembled or are building a significant business portfolio in the city which, alongside Bengaluru, is additionally home to the biggest IT organizations, including Oracle, Microsoft and Uber. The rental values are much lower as compared to other major cities, the companies are eyeing on this city.


Recently a CEO of Embassy Office Park shared his view regarding this recent development. He said that regularly existing clients will search for premises in different cities as it gives diversity and scale. With Hyderabad, rentals in the city are like ORR in Bangalore for good quality products. Be that as it may, plainly it is solid on the infrastructure and there is clarity now on the Government after the political issues.


The significant tenants incorporate US bank Wells Fargo, finance director Invesco and innovation mammoth Google. Salarpuria Sattva, which has been available in the city since 2005, has an arrangement of around 15 million out of which 11 million are under development. It considers pharmaceutical mammoth Novartis as a real part of its major customers.


Government Office Parks has tied up with city-based Phoenix Group to fabricate an office stop in the commercial area of Gachibowli. The aggregate range under development is required to be around 7 million sqft.


The Luxury property in Bangalore showcases that it is generally been ruled by the Telugus who claimed immense land property for a considerable length of time over the city, particularly in the northern corridor towards the air terminal. Be that as it may, the move by Bangalore developers resembles to channelize investment in the Hyderabad market for the first time. Mahesh Khaitan, an executive at Salarpuria Sattva, credited the move to the great infrastructure in Hyderabad which went before advancement, dissimilar to New projects in Bangalore where infrastructure has attempted to stay aware of the surge in the populace.


Well, this discloser may not be encouraging for bangalore but clearly, it is high time to rethink and create viable plan to stop the drainage of the funds from the city.


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Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Hyderabad at Bachupally

Property in Hyderabad at the region of Bachupally is increasingly being considered an attractive investment as this region is gradually providing better connectivity with other parts of the city. Further increasing the attractiveness of this region on the North West of Hyderabad is the fact that Bachupally is in close proximity to IT parks and…

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Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Hyderabad at Bachupally

apartments in Hyderabad

Property in Hyderabad at the region of Bachupally is increasingly being considered an attractive investment as this region is gradually providing better connectivity with other parts of the city. Further increasing the attractiveness of this region on the North West of Hyderabad is the fact that Bachupally is in close proximity to IT parks and buying housing in the regions is still quite affordable.


What Makes North West Hyderabad Shine?

The North West region of Hyderabad is home to a number of IT parks as well as to pharmaceutical companies. Residents of Bachupally can live in close proximity to their place of employment due to the proximity of the region to places of employment.


Bachupally will also prosper further once infrastructure projects such as the proposed Hyderabad-Nagpur Industrial Corridor and the Investment Technology Investment Region are completed. The developments mentioned above portend a great future for the realty market in the North West of Hyderabad and will lead to gradually higher valuations of real estate in Hyderabad at this region.


Localities such as Shamirpet, Kukatpally, and Hi Tech city have already felt the impact of new infrastructure developments and Bachupally is also expected to similarly feel the benign impact of these large infrastructure projects.


Bachupally Rising

Bachupally is a suburb in the Quthubullapur District and falls under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Bachupally is recognized for having a prominent housing market and its market of residential projects in Hyderabad is gaining in prominence due to the following factors


  • There are a large number of employers in the proximity of Bachupally. Many such employers are part of the technology and pharmaceutical sectors. Additionally a large IT park that employees close to ten thousand workers is located close to Bachupally.
  • Many other technology hubs of Hyderabad are easily accessible from Bachupally via the outer ring road.
  • Residential projects in Hyderabad at Bachupally have received an impetus from commercial expansion towards Bachupally. Additionally Employment opportunities here have been backed by lower residential land prices and also by social facilities for residents.
  • There are a diverse variety homes available at Bachupally. Residential projects in Hyderabad located at Bachupally range from luxury homes to affordable housing units.

Reasons To Be Cautious at Bachupally

While Luxury property in Hyderabad at Bachupally can be a good investment, there are reasons to be cautious before buying your next home here. During the past few years, property in Hyderabad in Bachupally has suffered from the ills of encroachment and illicit construction; hence before buying residential real estate in Hyderabad at this up and coming locality, ensuing that the developer is of a sound background and credible is recommended before signing any important documents.