Karnataka bill grants house ownership rights to agricultural laborers in suburb

In the attempt to shore up its popularity in advance of the assembly polls, the Siddaramaiah Government on March 24 introduced its purpose to granting ownership of houses to agricultural labourers staying in unrecorded houses on authorities and personal land. This has been a major reason for concern for Real estate in Bangalore.


With this, an agricultural labourer will no longer be just the owner of the residence he has been residing in however will also get to own the land around it. The flow will gain around lakh people (a majority of them from backward castes) who’ve been staying in habitations that don’t come underneath the purview of the revenue branch. Those unrecorded suburbs include Lambani  Thanda, Gollarahatti, Vaddarahatti, Kurubarahatti, Nayakarahatti, Majare grama, Haadi, Doddi, Camp, Palya and colony.


The government tabled the Karnataka land reforms (amendment) Bil, 2016 to this impact within the assembly on March 24; the legislation changed into handed with none opposition. This would be major step in regards to the development of real estate projects in bangalore.


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that this is a progressive selection after the well-known ‘land to the tiller’ legislation changed into passed 4 a long time in the past. Population of these hamlets will henceforth grow to be the proprietors of the houses they live in. These are human beings who’ve been oppressed for years, and these days they stand liberated.  As per an official statement, there are about 750-1,000 hamlets across the state.


Bringing those suburbs into the revenues branch’s fold will no longer most effective assist those marginalized communities set up their identity and assert their rights, however, will also be a political recreation-changer for the Siddaramaiah Government within the run-as much as the 2018 assembly polls. It really does not matter what is the motive behind it but surely there will many Luxury apartments in Bangalore and outskirts.


Congressman and Mayakonda MLA K Shivamurthy, who were pushing for the law, announced that by using making the occupants the owners, the government has given recognition to the humans staying in hamlets. Till now, that they had no longer been documented. However, now they will take delivery of title deeds. The next step is to transform those hamlets into sales villages. Through becoming proprietors of the houses and land, they will be eligible for financial institution loans and might access exclusive government schemes as properly.

Post By Shrikant Sain


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