Is Real estate in Bangalore lagging behind its counterpart Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has secured its place as the new place for investment for Bangalore’s Commercial property developers. Hyderabad has been on the revival mode after almost half decade of political turmoil. This recent development is driving Real Estate property in Bangalore towards Hyderabad. This may not be a good news for people of Bangalore however, developers are hoping to make good money out of it.


Organizations, for example, DivyaSree Developers, Salarpuria Sattva, Embassy and RMZ Corp have assembled or are building a significant business portfolio in the city which, alongside Bengaluru, is additionally home to the biggest IT organizations, including Oracle, Microsoft and Uber. The rental values are much lower as compared to other major cities, the companies are eyeing on this city.


Recently a CEO of Embassy Office Park shared his view regarding this recent development. He said that regularly existing clients will search for premises in different cities as it gives diversity and scale. With Hyderabad, rentals in the city are like ORR in Bangalore for good quality products. Be that as it may, plainly it is solid on the infrastructure and there is clarity now on the Government after the political issues.


The significant tenants incorporate US bank Wells Fargo, finance director Invesco and innovation mammoth Google. Salarpuria Sattva, which has been available in the city since 2005, has an arrangement of around 15 million out of which 11 million are under development. It considers pharmaceutical mammoth Novartis as a real part of its major customers.


Government Office Parks has tied up with city-based Phoenix Group to fabricate an office stop in the commercial area of Gachibowli. The aggregate range under development is required to be around 7 million sqft.


The Luxury property in Bangalore showcases that it is generally been ruled by the Telugus who claimed immense land property for a considerable length of time over the city, particularly in the northern corridor towards the air terminal. Be that as it may, the move by Bangalore developers resembles to channelize investment in the Hyderabad market for the first time. Mahesh Khaitan, an executive at Salarpuria Sattva, credited the move to the great infrastructure in Hyderabad which went before advancement, dissimilar to New projects in Bangalore where infrastructure has attempted to stay aware of the surge in the populace.


Well, this discloser may not be encouraging for bangalore but clearly, it is high time to rethink and create viable plan to stop the drainage of the funds from the city.


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