Now you can buy a house in Hyderabad by spending just Rs.20 lakhs

As unbelievable as it may seem, it is likelihood to get homes within Rs 20 lakh in Hyderabad.


If you are also planning to own a residential real estate in Hyderabad within a small budget, the below stated localities are for you. Areas such as Hafeezpet and Gachibowli in Hyderabad offer maximum apartments within a budget of Rs 20 lakh.


Exactly what can you buy?

Within Rs 20 lakh, Hafeezpet offers apartments and builder floors in various sizes. Hafeezpet is an extremely good residential location with close proximity to educational institutions, shopping malls, hospitals, bus stations and metro train station. It is next to the Mumbai Expressway and less than 10 km from Hitec City and Gachibowli.


Location profiling

Affordable homes, durable social infrastructure, proximity to IT hubs and fast connectivity, together, attract property buyers. Hafeezpet is one such area which is actually a mix of all the mentioned advantages. The area offers 2BHK builder floors and apartments within Rs 20 lakh. IT hubs of Hitec City, Kondapur and Gachibowli, all are located in a 6 to 14 km radius. IT professionals employed in Hitec City and Gachibowli prefer staying in Hafeezpet as they want to be near their offices and at the same time save on expenses. Hafeezpet has strong social and emotional infrastructure that further has the exact daily needs and requirements of the residents. Facilities such as schools, hospitals, banking institutions, restaurants, petrol pumps and everyday grocery stores, each one is within the area. Both these areas are potentially good option in real estate in hyderabad.


Gachibowli is yet another area in Hyderabad offering builders floors and apartments within Rs 20 lakh. A homeowner of the area said that Gachibowli is the most effective growing IT hub in Hyderabad. It is very near to markets, banks, ATMs and colleges.


Spending budget and location are two important factors that are always considered before making an investment in a residential property. Gachibowli is one such established area in Hyderabad offering homes within Rs 20 lakh and at the same time guaranteeing good connectivity with the nearby areas and office buildings. The area houses some of the top companies such as Infosys, TCS Synergy Park, and others. Given the comprehensive presence of computer organizations and MNC’s in the vicinity, the real estate of the area has experienced an improvement. Professionals prefer both renting and buying in the area as within a small budget they can find decent accommodation. The social infrastructure of the area is robust as it houses schools, private hospitals, bus stops and renowned educational institutions such IIT Hyderabad, Indian school of Business, etc.


A humble budget of Rs 20 lakh can fetch you a good luxury home in hyderabad. In case you are aware of your exact needs then Gachibowli and Hafeezpet are the areas that you can invest.


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Creating More Energy Saving Apartments in Hyderabad

After demonetization, odds are dim that one’s favourite Luxury apartments in Hyderabad are in a green building. Hyderabad had never been the frontrunner when it came to having green buildings, yet today, in the post demonetization world it has fallen further behind other large cities when it comes to creating green buildings. Builders in Hyderabad, who were never as enthusiastic about creating green buildings in the city appear to be even less so post demonetization.

What’s Being Done

Innovative financing options from Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) may be one route that leads to more energy efficient buildings. The Indian Green Buildings Council has asked the ESCO’s to provide financing options which could lead to the creation of a larger number of green buildings in India. The thought of providing innovative financing options to create a larger number of green buildings was shared at a workshop held recently in Hyderabad. If successful, the outputs from the mentioned workshop could lead to more energy-efficient property in Hyderabad in some of the best buildings in the city. The workshop had been designed by the Small Industries Development Bank of India and IGBC.

Thoughts Shared at the workshop

At the workshop, the speaker C Shekar Reddy who has been the immediate past national president of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers of India CREDAI stressed the need for creating financing options for upcoming and existing building projects that would lead to more green upcoming projects in Hyderabad in Hyderabad. Mr Reddy stated that financing schemes through ESCO’s would play a central role is leading to the adoption and promotion of green buildings not just in Hyderabad but across the country.

How Important is it to Be Green?

The importance of green buildings is crucial as significant energy savings can be earned in India by creating such structures. This is all the more crucial when considering property in Hyderabad or elsewhere in the country as India is an energy importer and has a poor natural resource base from which it could extract energy. Energy savings from a project in Hyderabad could lead to cost savings as high as 20 to 30 percent every year. Such energy savings at a project in Hyderabad have already been recorded.

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Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Hyderabad at Bachupally

Property in Hyderabad at the region of Bachupally is increasingly being considered an attractive investment as this region is gradually providing better connectivity with other parts of the city. Further increasing the attractiveness of this region on the North West of Hyderabad is the fact that Bachupally is in close proximity to IT parks and…

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Demand On City Outskirts For Affordable Real Estate in Hyderabad

Demand On City Outskirts For Affordable Real Estate in Hyderabad


On the outskirts, in the suburbs, demand for real estate in Hyderabad is growing. The demand on the outskirts consists of demand for homes which are priced below 25 lakhs. While affordable housing in Hyderabad within the city is in short supply, on the outskirts and among the suburbs of the city such homes are aplenty. To cater to demand from households, builders and developers in Hyderabad are eagerly building and promoting homes in Hyderabad outskirts.

Hyderabad Is Driven by End Users
From the beginning, real estate in Hyderabad has been driven by end users. The city has a vibrant IT and ITeS sector which promotes absorption of residential real estate in Hyderabad. In the recent

past there has a been a fall in the number of new launches while the demand for residential property in Hyderabad has mushroomed. These factors have led to a fewer number of properties in Hyderabad which are ready to be occupied as in other large metros.


Immigrants vs Natives of Hyderabad

Recent reports prove that there has been an increase in demand for homes that are priced at or below twenty five lakhs in Hyderabad. At the same time that an increase in demand for such properties has been recorded, there has been a shortage of supply of such homes as well. According to sources while the demand for mid to upper segment housing is largely driven by natives of Hyderabad, migrants to the city opt to purchase affordable housing in Hyderabad which is often the first property they buy in the city.

An Opportunity For Small, Capable Builders

The largest, well known and top builders in Hyderabad have not opted to enter the market segment which caters to affordable homes in Hyderabad to migrants to the city. Such homes have with them lower margins than do larger homes which has led the top builders in Hyderabad to avoid building such properties. While the top builders have avoided this segment, other smaller yet respected builders have actively chosen to enter this market and build such homes.


Such smaller yet respected builders see the development of such homes as an opportunity. There is however a shortage of such homes in regions which are the most prominent in the city of Hyderabad while the suburbs and less well known localities such as Saket, Upparpalli, and Alkapuri Kukatpally-Miyapur regions are robust regions for such homes. The regions mentioned have gated communities where there is active demand for homes priced at or below twenty five lakhs in the primary and secondary markets. The mentioned regions of Hyderabad have all of the basic physical and social infrastructure in place such as good roads and connectivity, access for residents to hospitals and schools, access for residents to shop for the daily needs of homes, and adequate water and power supply.

Markets for Affordable Housing in Hyderabad

A few micro markets which fall in this range are listed below and characteristics are stated which make such markets suitable regions at which to own a home.

Bundlaguda is often the preferred choice for first time homebuyers as it has no shortage of homes in the affordable segment when compared to the availability of such homes in other regions of Hyderabad. This region is also attractive as it has low levels of pollution and good connectivity to employment hubs


Ligampally is another region where affordable homes are found as it is well connected and due to lack of affordable housing in surrounding regions.


Patancheru was once an industrial town yet today is an attractive destination for homes as it is located near IT hubs and due to the presence of industry. This region of Hyderabad has its own bus depot and an unlimited supply of water for its residents.



The demand in many of the thus far neglected regions of Hyderabad is being driven by affordable properties. Apartments in Hyderabad at such regions are being built by smaller yet respected builders often for migrants to Hyderabad. Most such regions tend to lie on the outskirts of Hyderabad yet have the necessary infrastructure to make them good places to own a home. Such apartments in Hyderabad tend to be priced close to 25 lakhs.

Will Cash Crunch Influence the Property in Hyderabad?


The recently implemented demonetization scheme has affected property market in Hyderabad. Buying and selling of real estate in Hyderabad have come to a virtual standstill. Hitherto, cash constituted a significant portion of real estate transactions in the city.


Close to 30 percent of the price component is in cash. It means that the homebuyers are investing more cash in properties than online payment while buying homes. Hyderabad’s real estate market is growing fast and with the changes in the transaction mode, there will be a substantial impact on the overall growth of the market.


The reason that cash plays such a dominant role in the sale of a property in Hyderabad is that the difference between the government’s rate card for a property and the market price of a property is wider.


Which segment is the most affected?

Luxury apartments in Hyderabad and the segment in the city have been hit very hard by the central government’s announcement. The upmarket regions such as Banjara Hills, Somajiguda, and Abids are few regions where real estate in Hyderabad are facing a crisis. The business class dominates these regions and the price of homes is in crores. The other regions with more affordable flats in Hyderabad are Madhapur and Gachibowli have not been impacted excessively as such homes are bought with the help of a home loan.


What Builders in Hyderabad Fear

Today the top builders in Hyderabad fear with changes happening in the market. There is a cash crunch in the Hyderabad market. While today demonetization has had an impact on the buying and selling of property in Hyderabad so if liquidity is not pumped into the market, the construction of upcoming projects in Hyderabad will likely come to a halt. Currently, real estate developers in Hyderabad and contractors in the city are still paying workers with old currency notes. After November 24, 2016, this may also become very difficult. As many workers employed in real estate in Hyderabad work on a daily wages basis, they may opt not to work if not paid in the legal tender by their contractors.


The property market in Hyderabad is driven by the end users and not by the investors. There will be almost no impact on the price of real estate in Hyderabad due to the absence of the cash component. The demand for properties is there in the market as there is the presence of IT hub in the market. It seems that the Hyderabad’s real estate market will be unaffected as the homes buyers are keeping a cautious approach.


Advancing Infrastructure– The infrastructure of the Bangalore city is fast developing and connectivity via all the modes like- road and metro rail is connecting all the corners of the city.The growing infrastructure and development taking place in the city are attracting the homebuyers and making the city livable. There is a need to boost the growth of residential spaces so that the homebuyers and investors invest more in the area. It is a great time to invest in Sarjapur as it will provide a high return on the investment.

The Cloud Will Become Essential to Owners of Property in Hyderabad

The Cloud Will Become Essential to Owners of Property in Hyderabad


Eventually, everyone who owns property in Hyderabad will store everything on the cloud. All things such as pictures, files, videos will shift to the cloud seamlessly as the speed by which we access the cloud becomes so fast that it makes the difference between accessing a hard disk and data on the cloud indistinguishable. When such a day comes technology companies may well sell larger storage on the cloud bundled with electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras.


While hard disks may still be around those who use them will be regarded as dinosaurs and as being unhip. Such a change is crucial as much of the data we have today is too crucial to first save on a hard disk before transferring it to the cloud, certainly many of those with important roles work exclusively on the cloud, however even simple files may prove to be crucial to the completion of a task and may first need to be created and saved on the phones or laptops built in memory before being transferred safely to the cloud. The need for instant storage on the cloud will prove crucial to many in the next few years if it has not already become so for many today.


Real estate developers in Hyderabad will find the cloud suitable for storing data regarding their layout of upcoming projects in Hyderabad and the plans for new developments as well.  Many already don’t feel secure keeping sensitive data on their hard disks or memory sticks and immediately shift data to the cloud when presented with the opportunity. With the emergence of 4G connectivity and also the technologies which follow it, there may be little difference between accessing a hard disk and data or applications on the cloud. Thus as individual electronic gadgets such as phones and laptops grow to become even more powerful they may also be devoid of a hard disk all within the span of a decade. All applications may rest on a cloud and the phone in our pocket or the laptop on our back may simply provide the means for accessing our data on the cloud.


As data security improves and 5D storage (which prevents digital information from being degraded) is commonplace, the data stored in the cloud will also become far less susceptible to being compromised due to the deliberate actions of hackers or competitors. Many of those who live in luxury apartments in Hyderabad will have several devices to access data on the same cloud and such individuals will ensure that the probability of such data being compromised is minuscule as access to the cloud shall require a combination of biometric and password clearances. Even those with less money who live in affordable housing in Hyderabad shall have data such as pictures or the deeds to their property online.


One such government initiative is already in place and will trickle down to the masses within a decade. Many feel ill at ease when they store important data on a hard disk as physical damage to such a disk can lead to the information being lost or corrupted. Additionally, a cloud will have more space than the hard disks of many devices do today which will allow greater storage online. Speedy cloud access through 4G and subsequent technologies means that online access will be dramatically faster than it is today and phones and tables need only have one of the three Android, OS, or Windows operating systems with all other applications being used exclusively online rather than being downloaded before being used as is the case today.