Will Cash Crunch Influence the Property in Hyderabad?


The recently implemented demonetization scheme has affected property market in Hyderabad. Buying and selling of real estate in Hyderabad have come to a virtual standstill. Hitherto, cash constituted a significant portion of real estate transactions in the city.


Close to 30 percent of the price component is in cash. It means that the homebuyers are investing more cash in properties than online payment while buying homes. Hyderabad’s real estate market is growing fast and with the changes in the transaction mode, there will be a substantial impact on the overall growth of the market.


The reason that cash plays such a dominant role in the sale of a property in Hyderabad is that the difference between the government’s rate card for a property and the market price of a property is wider.


Which segment is the most affected?

Luxury apartments in Hyderabad and the segment in the city have been hit very hard by the central government’s announcement. The upmarket regions such as Banjara Hills, Somajiguda, and Abids are few regions where real estate in Hyderabad are facing a crisis. The business class dominates these regions and the price of homes is in crores. The other regions with more affordable flats in Hyderabad are Madhapur and Gachibowli have not been impacted excessively as such homes are bought with the help of a home loan.


What Builders in Hyderabad Fear

Today the top builders in Hyderabad fear with changes happening in the market. There is a cash crunch in the Hyderabad market. While today demonetization has had an impact on the buying and selling of property in Hyderabad so if liquidity is not pumped into the market, the construction of upcoming projects in Hyderabad will likely come to a halt. Currently, real estate developers in Hyderabad and contractors in the city are still paying workers with old currency notes. After November 24, 2016, this may also become very difficult. As many workers employed in real estate in Hyderabad work on a daily wages basis, they may opt not to work if not paid in the legal tender by their contractors.


The property market in Hyderabad is driven by the end users and not by the investors. There will be almost no impact on the price of real estate in Hyderabad due to the absence of the cash component. The demand for properties is there in the market as there is the presence of IT hub in the market. It seems that the Hyderabad’s real estate market will be unaffected as the homes buyers are keeping a cautious approach.


Advancing Infrastructure– The infrastructure of the Bangalore city is fast developing and connectivity via all the modes like- road and metro rail is connecting all the corners of the city.The growing infrastructure and development taking place in the city are attracting the homebuyers and making the city livable. There is a need to boost the growth of residential spaces so that the homebuyers and investors invest more in the area. It is a great time to invest in Sarjapur as it will provide a high return on the investment.


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