Residential projects in Pune-Opening new an avenue for investors


In past few years, Pune has successfully placed itself as the most desired location for the multinational companies due to its strategic location. Pune lies on the edges of the state of Maharashtra and the real estate projects in Pune are in the booming stage. Even though the real estate industry is under severe crises from past few years, however consistent demand from the buyers has put the residential project in Pune on the growth trajectory. There are several considerable factors which are accelerating this growth story.

Lets us figure out some the key factors which is making residential properties in Pune a good buying bet-


  • Cheap housing Loans– On the most important factor which is making Pune a key position to invest is the low rate of the interest rate at which the home loans are offered. As the interest rates are quite lucrative here, buyers easily make their mind to invest here and top of that Pune’s proximity to Mumbai makes it a good deal.


  • Improved Infrastructure– There has been massive development in terms of infrastructure. Land connectivity within the city is far better now. Several prime Highways are touching Pune and this is making it highly accessible place. Residential projects in Pune-Opening new an avenue for investors



  • Educational and cultural Hub– Pune is considered as the educational and the cultural Hub of the State. It has a large number of reputed colleges and educational institutes and there is an inflow of large number of students from all over India and because of this, there is always demand for residential in this place.


  • Thriving IT sector-The mushrooming IT sector is the primary reason which is driving the demand for the residential spaces in the city. There has been a requirement for various types of real estate in the city like commercial spaces, offices and residential.


The real estate in Pune has remained safe from the global economic turmoil and the prices of the properties have been fairly stable. Even during the severe dip phase there has been meager fall in the prices and it seems to be quite stable now and it is all set to start a new journey. One of the top indicators of this growth is that the demand for the residential is surpassing the supply side. The property is emerging as the most attractive investment options in Pune and thus it is driving both domestic and international buyers towards it. The prosperity of this sector is further carried forward by the developers who are investing a lot of money every year.


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