Homebuyers eagerly on the lookout for real estate in Bangalore must not overlook Sarjapur which is rapidly emerging as an attractive real estate hub for many who work in Whitefield. As Whitefield has a dearth of attractive housing within its boundary, Sarjapur has risen in prominence as a real estate destination for many who are employed in Whitefield. Notably, the influx of large Indian software companies also plays a role since where employment opportunities are created in Bangalore the demand for residential property in Bangalore also rises in the surrounding areas.




The top Indian IT majors such as Wipro and Infosys have offices in this corridor which has led to greater demand for housing in surrounding areas. Although there are few undeveloped pockets where villages make up the backdrop, largely this region of Bangalore has well-developed roads and is well connected with Hosur Road via multiple junctions such as Haralur Road, and Attibele Road. Sarjapur connects with Whitefield via the Varthur-Dommasandra or SH-35 Link Road. Furthermore, the Outer Ring Road on the western region of Sarjapur provides connectivity with numerous localities in North-East Bangalore.




Clean, Green With a Lake in Between

The Master Plan proposed for Sarjapur has earmarked large pockets of greenery in the valley area allowing water from upstream lakes to flow into downstream lakes, particularly during the monsoons, which will prevent flooding in upstream regions and maintain a balanced water supply to residents of the locality. If you wish to buy house in Bangalore at Sarjapur bear in mind that the region is often flooded during the monsoon season as Sarjapur is a low-lying region in a valley and water from higher regions flows into Sarjapur and causes traffic jams during peak hours.




A Wide Range of Prices to Suit Every Segment

Sarjapur has homes for those with virtually any budget hence buyers eager to own luxury apartments in Bangalore need not shy away from searching for a home in this region.  Buyers with a small budget who can only buy affordable flats in Bangalore should be pleased to learn that the rates for homes at upcoming regions such as Sarjapur-Attibelle Road and Dommasandra begin from as low as 2,500 rupees per square foot and rise to a high of 4,000 rupees per square foot. Most other projects in Bangalore at Sarjapur, however, range between 4,000 rupees per square to 6,000 rupees per square foot. Nearly fifty-five percent of the homes at Sarjapur are priced between 20 to 60 lakhs and hence purchasing a home here is well within the means of a budget homebuyer.




An Overview of Apartments in Sarjapur

Builders and Developers in Bangalore with projects in Sarjapur have not overlooked the luxury market as over five percent of the developments in the region are priced over one crore and thus are meant for upmarket customers. Over ninety percent of the homes at Sarjapur are two or three bedroom homes clearly indicating a strong preference by the builders in Bangalore, with projects in the region, inclination towards building homes for low, middle, or modestly upmarket buyers. As the region develops the size and price of many of the apartments in Bangalore at Sarjapur may rise in value.

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