When considering buying property in Ahmedabad, one must be certain not to overlook the locality of Naroda. This region of Ahmedabad is today fully developed to allow a high standard of living to its residents. Naroda is the first fully developed region of Ahmedabad which greets visitors arriving at the city from northern regions such as Udaipur, Himmatnagar, Modasa, or Shimlaji. Naroda has one of the biggest and oldest GIDC centers in Ahmedabad.


Naroda and Its Past

Many years ago there Naroda was filled with a large number of steel industries, with the passage of time, however, this region has become an attractive residential market as well. Due to a change in the environment and because of changes in the economy Naroda has grown to become an attractive destination for real estate. As there were already a large number of workers employed in the regions earlier steel industries, the region led to many such workers living in Naroda which enhanced the region’s suitability as a realty destination.


Many builders in Ahmedabad have begun to construct developments in Naroda. Since Naroda, which was earlier on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, has today become a part of the city the region’s attractiveness as a residential destination has not been looked by real estate buyers. Much of the property in Naroda is for the budget home buyer and thus buyers eager to buy luxury apartments in Ahmedabad will be disappointed by the units available for sale in Naroada. Yet at the same time buyers eager to own budget or affordable homes in Ahmedabad will find plenty of options to choose from when shopping for a home at Naroda.


How Naroda Came to Become a Realty Hotspot

As Naroda became attached to the city of Ahmedabad in 1996, it blossomed as a real estate destination and it also enjoys other benefits such as great connectivity with Kalupur Station, the Airport, other highways, and other cities as well. Naroda has been divided historically into three main regions which are Nawa Naroda, Naroda Gam, and Nava Naroda. All these three distinct regions of Naroda are developing quite well meaning that development of Real estate trends in Ahmedabad at Naroda is evenly spread across all the corners of this city.


Furthermore, builders in Ahmedabad show no bias towards one region of Naroda or the other which ensures that in the future this corner of Ahmedabad will not suffer from distorted development where one well-developed region of the city faces a poorly developed region nearby.


Reasons to Buy At Naroda

Perhaps the biggest reason to invest or buy property in Ahmedabad at Naroda is that this region is located on the GAV corridor or Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara making it well connected to all these regions. This excellent connectivity at a strategic location ensures that both residential and commercial property in the region benefits. As Naroda become a part of Ahmedabad, industries in the region began to shift out and plots left vacant by the industries were filled by bungalows or apartments. When seeking apartments in Ahmedabad, buyers may consider Naroda to be a newer real estate destination where much of the real estate in Ahmedabad is newer than in many other parts of the city.

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