Ahmedabad which is nicknamed as the Boston of India is the largest city in Gujarat. The city has a long and enriched history as this has been inhabited since the 11th century when it was known as the Ashavai. Present day Ahmadabad got its name from the Muzaffaid dynasty ruler Ahmed Shah, who laid the foundation of the city in 1411 AD. The city is perfectly hedged by the Sabarmati River and is the home of some of the prominent national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Sadar Vallabh Bhai Patel.


Luxury homes in Ahmedabad has not limited itself to being a mere a heritage place; it has emerged as eminent economic and industrial hub. In addition, the economic liberalization of India has energized the tertiary industries like commerce, communication and property in Ahmedabad. Availability of unique and aesthetically developed real estate property in Ahmedabad attracts many customers and investors.


Geographically the city of Ahmedabad cleft into parts by the river Sabarmati-Western and Eastern part of the Ahmedabad. The eastern province is the older version of the city which has old bazaars, temples, and the main railway station while the western part of the Ahmedabad is planned strategically. It has got many educational institutes, shopping Malls, residential and the famous CG road and SG highway. Acclaimed as the best city to live, Ahmedabad property market is enticing many investors within India and across borders. The driving force behind this rampant growth is good infrastructure.


The major housing projects in Ahmedabad are in form of the residential townships, apartments, flats, row houses, malls, flyovers and elegant office spaces. All these structures are changing the ariel view of the city. The majority of these projects are developed in the western part of the city like Sabarmati, Naroda CG road, CTM , Ashram Road, Shahibaug and satellite areas which are potentially more capable of growth. The most satisfying fact is that the values of the properties have appreciated over 50 times the recent times. After the recent announcement by the government which claims that every individual should have own residential by 2022, the growth will accelerate even more.


In the line of this announcement Government has induced many friendly housing policies under which residential will be available in an affordable range of Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs. Many paramount builders like TATA housings, Adani Township & real Estate and Arvind estate are promoting some of the landmark properties in Ahmedabad. Historically Ahmedabad has been the economic hub as it enjoyed the status of being the largest cotton producer in India, but off late it is also gaining the reputation of being the real estate hub.


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