Eventually, everyone who owns property in Hyderabad will store everything on the cloud. All things such as pictures, files, videos will shift to the cloud seamlessly as the speed by which we access the cloud becomes so fast that it makes the difference between accessing a hard disk and data on the cloud indistinguishable. When such a day comes technology companies may well sell larger storage on the cloud bundled with electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras.


While hard disks may still be around those who use them will be regarded as dinosaurs and as being unhip. Such a change is crucial as much of the data we have today is too crucial to first save on a hard disk before transferring it to the cloud, certainly many of those with important roles work exclusively on the cloud, however even simple files may prove to be crucial to the completion of a task and may first need to be created and saved on the phones or laptops built in memory before being transferred safely to the cloud. The need for instant storage on the cloud will prove crucial to many in the next few years if it has not already become so for many today.


Real estate developers in Hyderabad will find the cloud suitable for storing data regarding their layout of upcoming projects in Hyderabad and the plans for new developments as well.  Many already don’t feel secure keeping sensitive data on their hard disks or memory sticks and immediately shift data to the cloud when presented with the opportunity. With the emergence of 4G connectivity and also the technologies which follow it, there may be little difference between accessing a hard disk and data or applications on the cloud. Thus as individual electronic gadgets such as phones and laptops grow to become even more powerful they may also be devoid of a hard disk all within the span of a decade. All applications may rest on a cloud and the phone in our pocket or the laptop on our back may simply provide the means for accessing our data on the cloud.


As data security improves and 5D storage (which prevents digital information from being degraded) is commonplace, the data stored in the cloud will also become far less susceptible to being compromised due to the deliberate actions of hackers or competitors. Many of those who live in luxury apartments in Hyderabad will have several devices to access data on the same cloud and such individuals will ensure that the probability of such data being compromised is minuscule as access to the cloud shall require a combination of biometric and password clearances. Even those with less money who live in affordable housing in Hyderabad shall have data such as pictures or the deeds to their property online.


One such government initiative is already in place and will trickle down to the masses within a decade. Many feel ill at ease when they store important data on a hard disk as physical damage to such a disk can lead to the information being lost or corrupted. Additionally, a cloud will have more space than the hard disks of many devices do today which will allow greater storage online. Speedy cloud access through 4G and subsequent technologies means that online access will be dramatically faster than it is today and phones and tables need only have one of the three Android, OS, or Windows operating systems with all other applications being used exclusively online rather than being downloaded before being used as is the case today.


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