If Gujarati’s remained in their home states it could be a blessing for real estate in Ahmedabad, as it turns out Gujarati’s dominate when ranked among the wealthiest in the country. The richest man in India is a Gujarati, so is the second richest and the fourth richest as well. With a tradition of business acumen running for generations, Gujarati’s are nearly as famous as another well-known community of highly successful business people who hail from a western nation from which they migrated to India more than millennia ago. What drives the dominance of Gujarati’s in business is a willingness to learn the family business at a young age and if young people are without an existing family business they aspire to create one for their posterity.


Gujarati’s have a sharp intellect and are adept in buying and selling to make a profit so much so that it is actually a wonder why the third richest person in India is also not a Gujarati. It is not for nothing that property in Ahmedabad is on the national radar. One reason that apartments in Ahmedabad are so much in demand nationwide is that the city is the most important in Gujarat and also because Gujarati’s are highly industries at creating wealth.


Many of the best from Gujarat remain in their native state; however the most ambitious and driven migrate either overseas or to neighboring Maharashtra. Many individuals from Gujarat have found success in other parts of the country a further testament to the adaptability of the natives of Gujarat. And those who consider Gujarati’s to be mere traders skillful at buying  and selling and making money by cheating on margins would be at a loss to explain the success of Azim Premji who is success story par excellence as the founder and Chairman of Wipro, one of the largest and most important technology giants in the country.


The recently released report by Forbes which ranked the one hundred richest Indians has a plethora of individuals from trading communities; however no community is as prominently visible or has as many high-ranking individuals as the Gujarati community. Some of the individuals listed by Forbes are so wealthy that they could buy all of the luxury apartments in Ahmedabad tomorrow if they so wished and still easily have enough money left to indulge in anything they pleased.


Today it seems that the best and oldest business school in the country is rightly located in Ahmedabad, the most important city in Gujarat. In the future, we may expect even more first generation business families to emerge from Gujarat. Such first generation business families who make it big in the future may emerge from among today’s small Top  builders in Ahmedabad or from within trading communities. They may even, as in the case of Azim Premji, create a new business unrelated to the traditional family run business model prevalent in Gujarat. Having such an industries community among our nation makes many feel proud to be Indians even if such people are unrelated to Gujarati’s and hail from Meghalaya or Kerala.


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