Real estate in Ahmedabad is witnessing positive sentiments from buyers all across the country and abroad as well. A good number of NRI investment have been received in the recent past which clearly demonstrate a positive sentiment in the property market.



The city enjoys a strategic location and offers an easy and smooth access to both the metro cities Mumbai and Delhi via railway line and national highway.  The city enjoys a robust connectivity by road, rail and air.  The city boasts the presence of a great number of reputed educational institutes and esteemed colleges that pull students crowd from every corner of the country.Since the time many blue chip companies shifted their focus to Ahmedabad with an intention to set up their base here, the demand of luxury homes in Ahmedabad started booming.  It also fuelled the other developments in the city that boosted the further infrastructure.  The burgeoning industrialization and vibrant lifestyle quotient with the presence of several malls, shopping complexes, restaurants has brought real estate in Ahmedabad up the curve.


Housing projects in Ahmedabad are witnessing development of residential townships, flats, apartments, row houses, malls, flyovers and office space and all these additions are changing the skyline of the city. A major part of development is seen in the western parts of Top Residential Real estate in Ahmedabad, mostly in areas like, Sabarmati, Naroda, C G Road, CTM, Ashram Road, Shahibaug and Satellite where there is a huge potential for residential growth.


Over the last few years, these areas have been projected to gain huge capital appreciation. The capital value for the real estate here in terms of the residential property is any time affordable when compared to any other Tier I or Tier II city. This has been the biggest driving factor that has pulled the interest of  so many buyers and end users. Affordable housing schemes in Ahmedabad have inculcated a lot of positive sentiment amongst the buyers.


After the current government announcement to provide affordable housing projects in India for all by 2022, Ahmedabad has gained good demand for affordable housing segment and to boost the demand, government has announced buyer friendly policies. Based on these policies, the housing projects in Ahmedabad are available at an affordable range from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh.  A number of reputed developers and big players of Ahmedabad are showcasing their interest in affordable housing projects. They are creating such landmark buildings bagged with state of the art infrastructure and top notch amenities for the growth and to offer housing projects for all in the city.


Residents in Ahmedabad prefer apartments and flats when compared to other residential categories, like, independent homes, villas or a residential plot and land. This transformation among people is attributed to rising property values in the last few years. There has also been a demand upsurge in the gated communities and is increasingly becoming popular amongst the buyers and end users. The demand for this segment mostly comes from the migrated population who had come to Ahmedabad for job opportunities and have settled down here.


There has been a clear mismatch in the demand and supply in the residential real estate for all housing categories. Today, it is important that to bridge this gap between demand and supply, there has to be proper focus on constructing more projects in affordable ranges. Developers and builders in the city are coming up with plethora of promising affordable housing projects that makes a great bet for the investors.


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