Real Estate Trends in Ahmedabad

For property in Ahmedabad to become more attractive to residents, the city needs to dramatically increase the number of parks and trees in the city. Ahmedabad is a center of commerce and trade; however, it is also the home of lakhs of families and as such requires a solid green cover to make the city more beautiful and livable. Already the largest city in Gujarat is among the most polluted in the country, a larger number of trees as well as parks would go a long way to not only beautify the city but also to make it a much more attractive place to live.

real estate projects in Ahmedabad

Luxury apartments in Ahmedabad are often in developments with sculpted lawns and plush interiors; however, this makes a no significant impact upon the quality of air residents of the city breathe. All residents of Ahmedabad, rich or poor, breathe equal amounts of polluted air into their lungs. Local bodies in Ahmedabad were given the task to increase green cover in the city; however, these local bodies have fallen short of increasing the number of parks or green cover. It was recommended that residents of Ahmedabad have one park for every twenty-five thousand people; unfortunately, findings reveal that till date only seventeen parks for every twenty-five thousand people are in existence in Ahmedabad.

residential projects in Ahmedabad

Whereas Bangalore is known as the city of gardens, India’s Silicon Valley and is home to pristine technology parks; Ahmedabad has rapidly become better known for high pollution and poor green cover. If properties in Ahmedabad intend to pose any credible challenge to property in cities such as Pune and Chennai and attract investment in the manufacturing sphere to truly become a center of production, local bodies in Ahmedabad have to take bold steps to tackle the quality of poor air in the city. This can be done not only by planting a much larger number of trees but also by restricting the number of old and polluting vehicles on Ahmedabad’s roads.

Ahmedabad property

Trees beautify a city and real estate developers in Ahmedabad who construct a development within walking distance to a park are more likely to be able to sell units at a higher premium and with greater ease than builders in Ahmedabad who build developments where greenery is less visible or nonexistent. It may, in fact, be a wise decision for local bodies in Ahmedabad to share their vision with the top builders in Ahmedabad to create a greener city. By leveraging the greater financial resources at the disposal of some of the top builders in Ahmedabad, local bodies could employ more men and material to create lush parks and plant trees that are likely to produce rich foliage and increase the cities green cover. Such a partnership shall not only help local bodies in Ahmedabad meet their targets but also raise the appeal to customers of apartments in Ahmedabad. Such an agreement is likely to benefit both the public as well as the private sector equally.

luxury homes in Ahmedabad

As it is already a much-polluted city, Ahmedabad needs a rethink in its urban planning to prevent the city from becoming a less attractive destination for residents over the next few decades. There is a little appeal to promote a city as an attractive destination to own real estate if factors such as poor urban planning and a dearth of the green cover are what come to the minds of investors when they conjure up a visual image of the city.


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