1 bhk flat in pune

Keen to invest in Pune? Do you think property in Pune is the right investment for you? Yes the city has a lot to offer with a diverse population consisting of retirees and college students the city mixes the old with the new and comes up with something that pleases each. With a reputation for providing great education at its many schools and colleges, Pune has a young college going population which often continues to live and work in the city long after completing their education from one of Pune’s educational institutes.

flats in pune

If you are keen investor and have some money set aside, then perhaps you should set your sights on Ambegaon Budruk, a suburb of Pune. A great deal of the property at this location is new with few developments that are older than 10 years. The buildings are efficiently designed with many builders in Pune with a presence in this swanky suburb. As far as owing property in Pune is concerned Ambegaon offers great value for money as it is a new region where prices are still within the reach of much of the middle class and upper middle class, you will find many 2 and 3 flats in Ambegaon priced below 70 lakhs.

builders and developers in pune

Though the price of property at Ambegaon has dropped over the past few years, it does not lessen the attractiveness of this region as an excellent place to own a home. Prices now hover close to 4500 rupees per square foot at Ambegaon but over time shall appreciate along with much of the real estate in other parts of the county.

upcoming residential pro in pune

Most of the developments at Ambegaon are smartly designed keeping in mind all the modern conveniences young tech savvy young people are accustomed to, many developments offer addition features such as a gym, swimming pool as well as a community hall at which functions and other public events may be held.

luxerious appartment in pune

Ambegaon is experiencing what can only be described as a frenzy of building, with close to 15 new developments under construction; there are a significant number of upcoming residential projects in Pune under construction at Ambegaon. It has also gained its fair share of attention as a part of the city with rapidly appreciating real estate, prompting many to seek to invest in the locality.

ongoing real estate project in pune

Despite an overall fall in real estate prices in Ambegaon, there are individual developments which have appreciated in price since being launched or since being sold by original owner. As an interesting case 3 BHK flats which were sold by the builder for 67 lakhs now command a resale price nearly 10 lakhs higher.

top builder in Pune

If you are keen to own property at Ambegaon, you could be the proud owner of 900 square foot 2 BHK flat for close to 50 lakhs, keep in mind that property in Pune at regions like Ambegaon is of as high a build quality as are developments in other parts of the country such as Noida or Gurgaon. The developments are aesthetically pleasing and the location, a suburb of Pune is equally well suited to them.


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