Real estate property in pune

Pune has emerged as a promising real estate investment destination over the few decades on the back of the robust connectivity, state of the art architecture, burgeoning industrialization and its vibrant lifestyle quotient.

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What has led to the growth of Pune’s residential property market in recent times?

Pune, known as a rapidly developing smart city houses a spate of giant multinational corporations, IT/ITES & Automobile & Manufacturing companies that have led to changing the overall dynamics of real estate in the recent past. People from different parts of India as well as abroad are migrating to the city in search of better employment opportunities.


This has led to increase in demand and more number of people are showcasing their interest to buy property in Pune. The city is also touted as the Knowledge Hub and hosts number of reputed and acclaimed colleges and institutes both for under & post graduate studies. This again attracts a good number of students from different parts of India as well as abroad. The number of increasing footfalls also spurs the demand of property in Pune. and overseas. Another reason behind people wanting to shift base to Pune is its pleasant climate all year through along with the abundance of greenery all around to soothe your everyday life.


Apart from the burgeoning industrialization and state of the art infrastructure, the city also enjoys robust social infrastructure. Pune hosts a spate of shopping malls which makes a perfect hangout destination and spoils the shopaholics for choice. The city is also famous for its vibrant lifestyle and incorporates a number of bars and pubs. All these factors add to the lifestyle quotient with more and increasing number of people interested to buy property in Pune.

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Connectivity is another significant with spurs the demand of the proerty. Pune enjoys close proximity from Mumbai and other places such as Lonavala, Lavasa, Khandala and many more than makes a perfect gateways for holidays. Another factor that pushes the demand of the property is the awesome weather with soft drizzles all round the corner. This is the reason why number of reputed builders are showcasing their interest and launching a slew of new projects in Pune.


Pune’s skyline.  It is observed that the way all the real estate players are contributing & coming up with extravagant projects offering top notch amenities, there is no doubt that Pune will soon be in the same league as all the other major metro’s in the country in terms of residential properties and their demands. Sky seems to be the limit now.


What does Pune’s residential market offer for the home buyer?

Besides offering a plethora of new apartments in Pune,  with state of the art infrastructure and top notch facilities, the builders are  in improving the consumer’s lifestyle by surpassing expectations in the residential property market. Some projects are offering added features such as gazebos, helipads and many more. A few of the new projects also offering attractive payment plan and lucrative cash back offers that appears as a great bet for investors and buyers.


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