Oh! To live in Mumbai, oh! To, have a home in Mumbai.

There are many people who love Mumbai and in their hearts believe they are Mumbaiwala’s, a huge chunk of such people live in places such as Bihar, Punjab, Kerala, Rajasthan.. I could go on naming virtually every state in India because these are people who moved to Mumbai, lived and worked there for many years, fell in love with the city, and then had no choice but to leave it.


Why? Because they could not afford to buy property in Mumbai, that’s why.Property in Mumbai is so expensive; it’s unlikely that even someone in their mid-20’s who is earning 50K to 60K per month could afford a home in the outskirts of the city.


So where do you go when you are a newcomer in Mumbai? Armed only with a college degree, tenacity and a burning desire to succeed? If I were to bet, I’d bet you’ll go back wherever it is you came from.


To be fair, many do succeed, and even many who do not are still able to own real estate in Mumbai. In order to succeed in the financial capital of the country, to live there and become one with the city, you must have your own home in Mumbai. As a newcomer to the city, who wants to own a house in the city, you must know where to look.


Consider the locality of Ulwe. With Ulwe, the floodgates of affordable housing in Mumbai have been opened. This locality at a distance of 35 kilometers from Mumbai offers the chance to many who live and work in Mumbai, to continue to live and work in Mumbai for as long as they wish.


At Ulwe there is an abundance of flats priced below 1 crore and of many priced much lower. If you are looking for a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai, you owe it to yourself to go house hunting here.


Granted, even a 1 bedroom flat here will cost you approximately 40 lakhs and will probably be less than 700 square feet in size, but for someone who wants to make Mumbai their home this is a steal. In addition, consider that when you go ahead and buy this 1 bedroom flat at Ulwe, you won’t pay all the money upfront.


Most likely you will take a loan and make an EMI payment to the bank every month, over time your 1 bedroom flat is bound to appreciate in value and your salary will increase right along with it. After a few years you could sell your 1 bedroom flat pocket the appreciation and then reinvest in a 2 or even 3 BHK flat in Mumbai. If you invest in a 1BHK at the right age, you could be the proud owner of a larger flat before you’re 40.


When it comes to buying affordable housing in Mumbai, you’d be hard pressed to find some in South Mumbai as would the vast majority of middle class Indians.Ulwe invites you with open arms to come and buy property in Mumbai, and as someone living in Mumbai who is accustomed to hearing  ”crore” and “crores” regularly, a flat in Mumbai worth 40 lakhs will still impress most back home.


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