For the luxury home buyer, only the best or even better will do. When you have the money, there has never been a better time to flaunt it or to let your money work for you. Whereas there are literarily thousands of luxury apartments in the country luxury apartments in Bangalore certainly stand out.


With rapid growth witnessed by the city over the past few decades, and with an ever increasing number of new high tech companies (most recently Apple) opening offices in the city, property in Bangalore is in for good times ahead.


Among the best builders in Bangalore, Prestige Estate Projects offers luxury flats in Bangalore; although many high end builders have upcoming projects in Bangalore in and around Old Airport Road.  Prestige Leela Residences of the Prestige group stands apart as the group is widely recognized to be one of the best builders in Bangalore with a reputation for great design and use of quality materials.


The company’s new projects in Bangalore include residential projects at Uttarahalli which are priced from 33 lakhs onward with sizes ranging from 1 BHK to 2 BHK to much larger luxury projects in Edward Road with prices starting from 10 crore.


For lovers of luxury with money to spare Prestige Groups Prestige Edwardian on Edward Road is guaranteed to meet or exceed  your expectations. It is among the best new luxury flats in Bangalore with apartment sizes ranging from 4500 square feet to 5800 square feet, you will never feel cooped up in your new apartment. With its close proximity to MG road the lover or luxury will find him or herself with their own large abode in the most vibrant part of the city.


Although Prestige Leela Residences may not offer the pomp and sheer glamor of Prestige Edwardian, these are still luxury flats in their own right and one of the most sought after property in Bangalore. With sizes ranging from 4000 square feet to close to 7000 square feet a family of 4 or even 5 will never feel short of space or privacy.


Some risks associated with buying property in Bangalore may include building code violations; close to 80% of the buildings in Bangalore violate building code laws in one form or another. This is an industry in itself with large sums of money being paid to authorities to keep the machinery working.


We would never recommend fighting against the system; if you are buying luxury flats in be aware of illegal constructions in the project promised to you, as builders tend to want to add additional floors to increase their inventory of units etc.


As a lover of luxury and only the best, buying property in Bangalore should not be very difficult with the large numbers of upcoming projects in Bangalore to choose from and since builders in Bangalore are among best in the country they usually deliver on their promises.

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